Kory Martin


I am a self-taught Canadian artist from Brantford, Ontario residing in the quaint town of Paris, Ontario. I am an abstract, mixed media creative working in acrylics, acrylic inks, alcohol inks, cold wax, oils and epoxy resin. My greatest inspiration comes predominantly from nature with all of its colours, textures, light and shadows. I also have an undying love for the written word which is found woven into a number of my works. My work drew interest as I began sharing it publicly on social media and has sold to collectors in North America.

I have always lived creatively from a young age and could often be found quietly drawing, sketching, painting and fashioning wire creations. I began immersing myself in art and various mediums as an adult in 2015. What began as a personal escape from the stressors of corporate life, evolved into a prolific passion. I am a Certified Coach Practitioner with accredited Therapeutic Art Life Coach Certification. Art Therapy is a powerful technique rooted in the idea that creative expression can foster healing and mental well-being, allowing me to share my love of art with both children and adults alike. I am currently working on a series titled, Time Study, delving into time as an abstract concept, its illusion and all of the human perceptions and misconceptions of time. The COVID-19 pandemic and the long periods of isolation blurred and warped our sense of time. Time has revealed itself through painting and creative expression. A bit of a departure from my usual inspirations, I am excited to share these works very soon.

Predominantly inspired by the colours, textures, light and shadows of nature, my mixed media paintings embody the natural world. Using acrylics, acrylic inks, alcohol inks, cold wax, oils and epoxy resin, I create abstract landscapes that capture the unpredictable elements of nature and reflect the fleeting moments of solace we experience when immersed in the great expanse around us.
Both in their content and in the physical presence of each piece, it is my desire that my paintings echo the sense of alchemy and mystery that one experiences when they look upon the horizon, plant their feet upon the Canadian Shield or walk amongst the trees in a wooded forest. I play with the polarities between light and dark . I make conscious decisions about the lightness or darkness of colours and textures of various mediums while surrendering to the unrestrained nature of the creative process. The materials I use while creating a painting are equally as important as the finished work itself.
The process of using mixed media to create unique effects is both spontaneous and intentional, often resulting in rhythmic, gestural strokes of colour as well as accidental marks that contribute to the overall composition. This evokes a strong sense of visual movement in each painting. The layering of paint and resin are representative of the geology of the Earth. I use a variety of brushes, palette knives, silicone catalysts and various other tools to mix and blend mediums until the desired result is achieved.