Interactive Gallery Registration



Welcome November Artists!

We are so excited to share this amazing opportunity with you! We would like to invite you to join our New Interactive Gallery which is launching in the gallery in November 2022. 

Do you want to level up and add another layer of exposure to your buyers?

Here’s how it works; as a showing artist in the gallery, we will generate a barcode that links buyers to your body of work in our online gallery, The Glow Gallery. 

When buyers are viewing your art in the Taren White Gallery, the Gallerist can scan your barcode on an iPad for the buyer, or the buyer can use their phone to scan it (the barcode will will be on the wall on a tag beside your artwork, and when scanned it directs them to your work only). The barcode will link the buyer directly to all your current paintings. We will then facilitate a possible sale from your listed pieces.

The gallery will handle the entire transaction including shipping fees when needed, and the artist will be notified of the sale with directions for delivering to the gallery or shipping directly to the customer.

Why offer a limited number of pieces while showing in the gallery, when we can promote and facilitate the sale of up to 30 of your current pieces to our buyers? We will create your online profile and upload your paintings, which is included in your special Glow Gallery Registration Fee (Only $279)

Your Glow Gallery Membership includes all the benefits of a regular membership, and lasts for one year. During that year, your work is part of the database that we share with all of our buyers. It’s a great place to be!

Follow this link to Register!

Follow this link to visit The Glow Gallery

Registrations must be made by September 15th to participate in the Interactive Gallery.