Paris, Ontario has been my home for the past 32 years.  My mother was an artist - it was wonderful to grow up in a creative environment where making art was part of everyday life.  After graduating from College with a diploma in Interior Decorating, it became clear that creating my own art was my true calling. 

Charming Paris is most definitely an inspiration to my art.  Mother Nature is my muse - and Paris has a very close relationship with its beautiful natural setting.  My everyday walks fill my creative reservoir and I am rarely at a loss for subject matter.  The floral element makes a regular appearance in my art - flowers are hard to surpass for both colour and beauty!




“Palette knife painting with acrylic paint suits my style well and encourages a looser less detailed composition.  Colour and texture with a dash of wild abandon are the key elements of my art.  Sometime it seems like I’m having too much fun - but I can live with that!”