Events & Workshops

When: February 23, 2023 (7:00-9:00 pm)
Where: Taren White Gallery
What: Create your own personalized Money Affirmation Card deck with watercolor paper, acrylic paint and sharpies. 
Who: People who want to develop a positive loving, supportive relationship with money.
Why: We have been fed so many stories about money since the time we are born, all the way to this day. A lot of those stories tend of be based in fear, lack, scarcity, frustration, anger and so on. And yet we have a longing to have a healthy, expansive, easy, peaceful, playful relationship with money. 


Does that sound true to you? Is that your experience?

Do you wish to have a relationship with money that’s more empowering,

collaborative, playful, supportive and aligned with your heart?  

Are you wondering how you can attract more of it in your life?

How to keep it, grow it and be in its flow in an easier way?

If so, then this workshop is designed for you! 

In this workshop we will be exploring our core money stories that keep you feeling restricted, anxious and in fear based relationship with it.  

• I will then guide you through a process to connect directly with the consciousness of money, free from all the stories and programming you’ve absorbed from others. 

• Through direct connection with the energy of money, you will then receive your new stories about money that are based in love, support, abundance, care and collaboration. 

• The happy end result will be you creating a Personalized Affirmation Card deck that will hold all of your own wisdom about money! 

• I will guide you through how you can then use your deck in your day to day life to develop a completely new and authentic relationship with money. 

This is going to be a very fun, empowering and transformative workshop filled with many breakthroughs via a playful process! 

We hope to see you there! 





Join us in the gallery for an Intentional Creativity workshop to tune in and paint out your heart's intentions for 2023! Your painting will then be a great reminder to keep you anchored and aligned to staying true to your heart for the year ahead.

In this workshop you will be guided in a beautiful meditation, painting and writing process to:

- Connect with your heart
- Receive insight and clarity around your authentic desires
- Paint out your intentions
- Be witnessed in a loving community to amplify the manifestation of your intentions

No painting experience is necessary.

We will work with acrylic paint on a canvas.

Cost: $45 (all materials included)
Date: Saturday, January 21st
Time: 6-9pm