Coaching Opportunities


Taren went from marketing her own artwork to representing and promoting 100+ artists in one year! Taren is an artist who was mentored by her grandmother and mother, who were both painters. Taren attended the University of Guelph and studied Fine Art. She wants to share her knowledge of the art business along with her 20+ years of marketing and communications experience with you.

Do you want to feel fully supported, get motivated and  achieve things you didn't think were possible?

Here is a list of possible topics:

  • social media and defining your natural niche
  • social media growth and engagement
  • business strategy
  • defining who you are in your vision and mission
  • where to find inspiration
  • honouring you in your schedule
  • branding and business strategy
  • clarifying goals
  • clarifying direction
  • clarifying next action steps
  • preparing a series for an art gallery show
  • how to approach a gallery as a professional artist
  • preparing your artwork for gallery hanging and delivery
  • how to prepare your submission package for a gallery

Feel fully supported and start exactly where you are!

Click here to book a free 30-minute consultation with Taren

It's time to share your unique artwork with more buyers!

Click here to book a free 30-minute consultation with Taren!