Christa Potter

Christa Potter is an artist working out of Paris, Ontario. She received her degree in Fine Arts at McMaster University, and has experimented with a wide range of media in her career. Currently, she works in watercolour and ink, creating vibrant, detailed paintings of local architecture and travel photos. Her work has often been described as “meticulous” and “energetic”, capturing a particular moment in time.  She uses strong and definitive lines to contrast a whimsical and soft application of paint. While she loves re-creating memories of past travels, she also enjoys painting scenes in her hometown, attempting to convey the spirit of the subject through the artwork. Christa has shown her paintings both locally and abroad, and has a thriving business creating commissions of homes, pets and personal photos.


Art is my way of finding control in a chaotic world. My artwork is an extension of my personality and my worldview; black ink clearly delineates the boundaries of the subject, while the watercolour allows for adventurous play in and around the lines. This results in artwork that gives me space to reflect on my experiences, while fondly remembering the feelings and thoughts that accompany the images.