Brittney Traver

Brittney is an abstract artist & interior decorator living in Brantford, Ontario.  Brittney is a graduate from the Fine Art program at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario.  She continued her studies at NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Brittney has spent her career discovering the importance of art in home décor.  Brittney creates abstract acrylic paintings in various sizes that compliment interior spaces.  Brittney paints full time at her in-home studio located in Brantford, Ontario. Brittney’s abstract acrylic paintings can be found at Fanshawe College in their permanent collection as well as many homes and businesses across Canada, USA & the UK.
My paintings are inspired by my love of art and home décor.  My passion for decor has led me to create paintings that compliment elements naturally found in interior design. My abstract acrylic paintings are full of movement and colour. I balance the bold colours and brush strokes by using layered neutral tones. I enjoy adding white to each painting, a much-needed calmness against the busy, expressive brush strokes. I am inspired by tones that are often found in home décor. My journey as an artist and interior decorator has led me to create paintings that become the focal point in each room.